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There exists within organizations and enterprises, strong co-dependencies between the management style, chosen modes of organization, and people behavior as well as their feelings. AP2V Conseils therefore provides a complete and tailor-made solution to support you in a relevant way and adapted to your needs on these three axes, as shown in the diagram below :



Our services allow you to act on Managerial Excellence, transitions and personal development, global working conditions quality (Occupational health and safety), individual or collective efficiency and productivity and as well on the four main performance drivers whose motivation and commitment of employees are the indicators :

  • Absenteeism
  • People Turn-over
  • Noncompliances
  • Ineffectiveness in the work

Discover more in detail the mechanisms of these 4 levers of performance: 







Amortize the cost of our services thanks to the significant savings that you will realize by reducing the additional costs caused by these 4 factors of underperformance


Do you know how much does Absenteeism and people Turnover really cost you ?

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NB: The estimates below only include direct costs related to People Turn-Over and Absenteeism. 



In fact, the potential economical gains presented above are very often derisory in comparison with the real additional costs integrating all the other drivers and which can be accentuated by :

- A sharp drop in efficiency that may even tend towards 0

For instance, due to an important event that occured in the company and monopolizes the attention and energy of everyone : everyone talks about the event and no one works anymore !


- A deterioration of the brand image and the loss of customers

For instance, when there are repeated delays in the delivery of a product or service


- Amplification phenomena between the different factors (Non-Qualities, Inefficiency, People Turn-over and Absenteeism)

For instance a high rate of absenteeism that aggravates the number of non-qualities and people turn-over rate


Thus, the real final savings achievable thanks to AP2V Conseils can be, according to the contexts, between 2 and 10 times higher than the simple direct costs calculated above (up to the equivalent of a financial company turnover multiplied by 2)!


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Invest today in the human capital of your organization !



 Rigor and Analysis of the engineer - Listening and Sensitivity of the coach    A question ? Contact-Us or Book Online




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