Rigor and Analysis of the engineer - Listening and Sensitivity of the coach  




Make companies and organizations living spaces that are friendly and productive, sustainable and profitable, while respecting individuals and current or future issues of the world of labor.



This is why all our services share the common goal of


 act positively and durably on well-being at work, give & make Sens, and develop performance both individually and collectively  

During these last years strongly impregnated by the upheavals induced by the European crisis of 2008, we can emit the following statement :


The World is evolving faster and faster and even more than traditional modes of organization. Especially in the labor world where competition, new digital tools, scarcity of natural resources, complexification of projects as well as the increase in customer requirements contribute all together to generating financial pressure, sometimes undergone and sometimes put in place, which forces organizations and societies to be more and more successful. This race for productivity and efficiency is unfortunately very often, for many reasons, neglecting one of the parameters of this "profitability equation": the Human factor.


In parallel, and often correlated, the labor has more and more impact on the individuals, causing for some people difficulties to find their place or to dissociate private life and professional life, without forgetting the natural resistance to the change of the human being that accentuates the frustrations. This contributes to provoking or aggravating an uneasiness in people (loss of meaning, stress, depression, burn-out, sick leave and absenteeism, loss of self-confidence, conflicts, ...), or conversely provoke a feeling of rejection towards the company especially for the younger generations (instability, disengagement, demotivation, refusal of authority, ...).


Finally, without presuming the future impacts of the development and integration of artificial intelligence in the operation of companies and organizations, it nevertheless seems obvious that this revolution, which is already underway, will have the main consequence of redefining the added value of the human in the labor world. Indeed more and more technical tasks or related to a specific know-how will be realized by the artificial intelligence. The success of Human-Being’s differentiation will be measured therefore on its capacity to excel in the fields which are out of reach for the machines : creativity, soft-skills and  emotions management mainly.


Thus, soft-skills such as creativity, empathy, active listening or responsible and caring leadership will be more and more mandatory for all workers, and whatever their status (employee, operational agent, manager, executive, worker, manager, ...), in the future in the world of labor. It is therefore essential for companies and organizations to start preparing for this major up coming transition right now.


The vocation of AP2V Conseils is to give back its right place for the Human Factor as center of prerogatives in the world of labor. Our ambition is therefore above all to help Women and Men to feel better, both in their private and professional lives, and at the same time to support companies and organizations in their transformation process in search of performance in order to achieve profitable, respectful and sustainable success.


These transformations are legitimized by the achievement of objectives set in terms of performance and perpetuated by the well-being of individuals.



Invest today in the human capital of your organization !