Rigor and Analysis of the engineer - Listening and Sensitivity of the coach  

 Manage global performance by well-being at work

What if well-being at work was the key to today's and tomorrow's business performance ?

The quest for performance has never been more pervasive than in the current world of labor, whether individual or collective-wise speaking. The economical context, stakes, customer requirements are only factors of amplification of this phenomenon, the real question that everybody asks is: "how can you do always better with such or less ?"

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Professional coaching : a very powerful tool to fight against Burnout syndrome

How professional coaching can contribute to fight effectively and sustainably against the Burnout syndrome ?

Burnout, or syndrome of generalized exhaustion, is a phenomenon still little known, little mastered, but whose tragic consequences are present and affect more and more employees, in more and more companies. AP2V Conseils provides you here with keys of understanding on this mechanism and gives you its vision to remedy it in the world of labor in an efficient and durable way.

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